Are you passionate about your work?

I’ve just read yet another article about finding your passion. It’s a tricky subject for me. For years, I thought I was missing out, constantly searching for that elusive something that might spark my passion. In the meantime, I just got on with the job in hand.

Perhaps it’s because I’m English, and I just don’t do passion. ‘Really interested’ is about as good as it gets, perhaps even ‘absorbed’ on occasions. What is it I’m missing, and does it really matter?

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Unstoppable leadership

I recently had a Twitter conversation that started like this:

Their tweet: What does being UNSTOPPABLE mean to you what does it allow you to do?

My tweet: Being unstoppable would allow me to do anything – is that a good thing? Definitely better than being unstartable though. Continue reading “Unstoppable leadership”

A passion for management

In the past, when children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, traditional responses would include becoming a doctor, train driver, pilot and even explorer or astronaut.  Our present fascination with celebrity has possibly moved the emphasis more onto becoming famous, whether as a pop-star, actor or perhaps just for being famous.

In any decade though, it is unlikely that manager would have been any child’s career of choice.  Continue reading “A passion for management”