Why am I here?

Don’t worry I’m not having an existential crisis – it’s far too early in the day for that.

I recently read a discussion on an HR forum about the problems of retaining staff in a small business where promotion prospects are slim. My initial reaction was ‘well tough, you can’t’. Let’s face it, if an organisation’s managers are a permanent fixture, clinging on until they finally drop/retire, what’s left for anyone who’s the slightest bit ambitious or (let’s not be squeamish about it) wants to earn more? Continue reading “Why am I here?”

Bad apples

I was recently talking to a group of managers and the subject of employee engagement cropped up. As often happens, the discussion ended up focusing on ‘getting rid of bad apples’. Continue reading “Bad apples”

Sometimes the smartest people do the stupidest things!

One of my current television addictions is the drama series The Americans. Set in the 1980s, it centres on Elizabeth and Phillip, two KGB officers during the cold war posing as an American married couple in the suburbs of Washington DC. The show is as much about relationships as espionage, with similar issues facing both the Russian and American characters as they struggle to remain detached and in control. Continue reading “Sometimes the smartest people do the stupidest things!”

Management clichés: ‘Let’s think outside the box!’

It’s funny how related ideas can appear in different places in the space of a few days and really capture your imagination.  About a week ago I read a fascinating article in Inc about a software company where the executive team, having come up with a shortlist of three candidates for the post of the organisation’s first-ever CEO, gave the staff the final decision about whom to appoint.  Continue reading “Management clichés: ‘Let’s think outside the box!’”

The latest MBA: Management by App

One of things I’ve discovered since I started blogging and tweeting is how much I enjoy reading what other people have to say for themselves. One of the sites I regularly visit is Inc. – it’s guaranteed to provide something of interest and I frequently tweet links to their articles.

For me, the best kind of article is not one that I necessarily agree with, but one that gets me all fired up Continue reading “The latest MBA: Management by App”

A passion for management

In the past, when children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, traditional responses would include becoming a doctor, train driver, pilot and even explorer or astronaut.  Our present fascination with celebrity has possibly moved the emphasis more onto becoming famous, whether as a pop-star, actor or perhaps just for being famous.

In any decade though, it is unlikely that manager would have been any child’s career of choice.  Continue reading “A passion for management”