Credibility: 3 articles and a TED talk

The following was written for a newsletter back in the summer of 2016.  Reading through it again, it all seems completely relevant today, if not more so…

With recent political events in the UK and the presidential campaign in the US, the spotlight is firmly on who or what makes a credible leader. The discussions are filling hours of TV news coverage and acres of analysis both online and in print.

Individuals seem to be investing huge amounts of energy establishing their own credibility, and even more in questioning/undermining that of their opponents. As some individuals have found, behaviour that served them well in certain circumstances can sometimes haunt them when they take on a new role or responsibilities.

Here’s a collection of the articles I’ve come across looking at what damages credibility and what can be done to build or rebuild it. As honesty is one the factors that’s often identified as a main component of credibility, I’ve also included a great TED talk that looks at whether people are more or less inclined to bend the truth when using social media.

And here’s the TED talk

  • The future of lying (psychologist Jeff Hancock asks whether people tell lies more or less often on social media).