Are you passionate about your work?

I’ve just read yet another article about finding your passion. It’s a tricky subject for me. For years, I thought I was missing out, constantly searching for that elusive something that might spark my passion. In the meantime, I just got on with the job in hand.

Perhaps it’s because I’m English, and I just don’t do passion. ‘Really interested’ is about as good as it gets, perhaps even ‘absorbed’ on occasions. What is it I’m missing, and does it really matter?

If you feel passion at work, great. But is passion (or lack of it) any concern of your customers or employers? Passion is about how you feel, it says nothing about whether you’re any good. For example, music is one area where I might risk declaring a passion; but I know I’m strictly an amateur – I may love playing, but would never have the cheek to expect to earn a living from it.

I suggest skill, plus a commitment to producing high quality work, are far more important. Your customers or employers are more interested in whether you can consistently demonstrate these, even if you’re not feeling particularly passionate, or dare I say it engaged. These make you far more reliable and valuable than someone who can only deliver if they’re getting their rocks off at the same time.