Five great management and leadership blogs

Over the last week, I have read many great blogs on leadership and management.  Here is a selection of ones that particularly caught my eye.

Conquering a Leadership Paradox by Kevin Eikenberry

When someone is promoted to a management position, it is likely this isn’t as a full-time manager/leader, regardless of what the job description says.  They still have other work to do too. It is likely these responsibilities are more closely connected to the individual’s past comfort level and expertise (using the skills that got them the promotion in the first place).

The Top 10 Reasons Lying Will Corrode Your Self-Esteem by Steven Berglas

The Russians have a saying: “With lies you may get ahead in the world – but you can never go back,”  What liars are not aware of is that using deceit to “make it” is the easy part; it’s staying on top that is hard, and enjoying one’s success, long-term, is hardest of all.

Counterfeit Leadership by Frank Sonnenberg

How do you spot a counterfeit leader? These are the individuals who spend much of their time playing politics, protecting their turf, and promoting their self-interests instead of addressing difficult issues, making tough decisions, and introducing the change that’s required to achieve long-term success.

Nine Reasons Managers Struggle by Michael McKinney

Former CEO and president of Verizon Wireless, Denny Strigl explores nine specific behaviours that leaders do and don’t do that make them serious performers, marginal performers, or failures.

The Joy of Leadership by Jon Mertz

If you are leading in a way consistent with your values system, then the expression of this consistency will shine through in your interactions and actions with others.