Five great articles about bad bosses

Talk to most people who have worked for any length of time, and they will have a bad boss story.  It seems that bad bosses are everywhere.  Perhaps it is just that the bad experiences stick in the memory, while good management is taken for granted and only exceptional cases get noticed.

No-one sets out to be a bad manager.  This collection of great articles highlights the consequences of getting things wrong and provides guidance on becoming a better manager

1.     The Costs of Mistreating Employees by Frank Sonnenberg

Frank Sonnenberg is author of Managing with a Conscience: How to Improve Performance Through Integrity, Trust, and Commitment.  In this post he identifies the potential consequences of treating employees badly

2.     How to utterly destroy an employee’s work life by Tersea Amabile and Steven Kramer

Based on a long-term research project, the authors identify four ways that managers can leave you frustrated, unmotivated by the job

3.     Top 10 Excuses for Being a Lousy Manager by Dan McCarthy

Bad bosses often have a hard time taking ownership for their flaws.  Here are some of the most common excuses managers use to justify their behaviour

4.     Are you a bad boss? 7 Management Moves to Avoid

Inc. identifies seven of the ugliest management tactics in the business world, along with better ways to handle the challenges

5.     What Are Good Things About Having A Lousy Boss? by Bob Sutton

The author of Good Boss, Bad Boss brings the positive side of having a bad boss.