Those Greta Garbo moments

Travelling back from Belfast recently, I found myself stuck in the airport waiting for a delayed plane.  I was already tired and getting increasingly stressed and irritable. Around me, other passengers were running up and down trying to work out which gate they needed, calming down bored children or just making the most of the facilities.  All very loudly.

Getting to the limits of coping, I felt like screaming Greta Garbo’s famous line from Grand Hotel – “I want to be alone; I just want to be alone!” Continue reading “Those Greta Garbo moments”

DUMB Objectives

Like it or not, SMART objectives appear to be such a staple part of performance management that there are probably very few organisations where managers aren’t encouraged to discuss these on a regular basis with their direct reports.   There are however strong arguments against the whole Management by Objectives approach Continue reading “DUMB Objectives”

When Best Practice is actually Worst Practice!

Given my experience of appraisal systems, it’s hardly surprising I generally view them with a huge dollop of scepticism.  In one organisation, I was rated on a scale of one to ten for my punctuality, attitude towards supervision and appearance (amongst other things).  This might be fair enough for an entry level job, but as Deputy Manager of the organisation, I felt there were more important things we should be focussing on.  Continue reading “When Best Practice is actually Worst Practice!”

The latest MBA: Management by App

One of things I’ve discovered since I started blogging and tweeting is how much I enjoy reading what other people have to say for themselves. One of the sites I regularly visit is Inc. – it’s guaranteed to provide something of interest and I frequently tweet links to their articles.

For me, the best kind of article is not one that I necessarily agree with, but one that gets me all fired up Continue reading “The latest MBA: Management by App”

Unstoppable leadership

I recently had a Twitter conversation that started like this:

Their tweet: What does being UNSTOPPABLE mean to you what does it allow you to do?

My tweet: Being unstoppable would allow me to do anything – is that a good thing? Definitely better than being unstartable though. Continue reading “Unstoppable leadership”