Management clichés: ‘Let’s think outside the box!’

It’s funny how related ideas can appear in different places in the space of a few days and really capture your imagination.  About a week ago I read a fascinating article in Inc about a software company where the executive team, having come up with a shortlist of three candidates for the post of the organisation’s first-ever CEO, gave the staff the final decision about whom to appoint.  Continue reading “Management clichés: ‘Let’s think outside the box!’”

Management clichés: ‘I’m not here to be liked!’

Being a manager involves making tough decisions, especially when the economic climate is as gloomy as it is at the moment.   Many of these decisions will be unpopular – nobody likes to hear about job cuts, pay freezes or pet projects being put on hold.  Although it’s difficult to do what’s best for the organisation and remain everyone’s friend, being universally hated is not good. Continue reading “Management clichés: ‘I’m not here to be liked!’”