Sweet (and not so sweet) music

I love music. Quite a wide range of music. Listening to and performing music helped me through some pretty miserable teenage years and at one point I toyed with the idea of being a professional. Somewhere along the line however, I realised I just wasn’t good enough and eventually I established a career in developing people instead.

Recently, I heard a story about a professional saxophone player that brought these two worlds together. Continue reading “Sweet (and not so sweet) music”

Bad apples

I was recently talking to a group of managers and the subject of employee engagement cropped up. As often happens, the discussion ended up focusing on ‘getting rid of bad apples’. Continue reading “Bad apples”

Those Greta Garbo moments

Travelling back from Belfast recently, I found myself stuck in the airport waiting for a delayed plane.  I was already tired and getting increasingly stressed and irritable. Around me, other passengers were running up and down trying to work out which gate they needed, calming down bored children or just making the most of the facilities.  All very loudly.

Getting to the limits of coping, I felt like screaming Greta Garbo’s famous line from Grand Hotel – “I want to be alone; I just want to be alone!” Continue reading “Those Greta Garbo moments”