Tim is a highly experienced development professional, specialising in bringing out the very best in managers.

He has the ability to get under the skin of an organisation and understand its needs. He’s a skilled coach, facilitator and business partner who can engage with a wide range of people, using exceptional listening skills and a thoughtful approach to meet stakeholder needs, demonstrating a high degree of integrity, expertise and business understanding.

Why is management development important?

For many of us, professional identity is linked to a specific area of expertise. Our reputation as an accountant, engineer, lawyer, academic, marketing or IT expert is largely dependent on our technical knowledge and skill.

But what happens when we take on a management role?

On the plus side, we have the credibility to lead others in our field. We understand the intricacies of the work and can discuss technical decisions in detail.

But our time also gets taken up with managing performance issues, conflict between team members, overcoming resistance to change and keeping senior management happy.

Technical expertise doesn’t come overnight, and it’s the same with management know-how. You might learn it over time through trial and error; better still, you can build your management expertise by engaging in professional coaching and development.